BRAIN COSMOS Keana Kirei 40g


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-Pore cleanser and moisture gel


Remove dirt on pores and charge moisture.

“Keanakirei” contains four kinds of ceramides indispensable to protect the moisture of the skin.

It penetrates deep into the skin (stratum corneum) and gives moisture while the pack solidifies.

It is perfect for pore care of adults who do not waste time.


*This products is parallel import goods.
*Parallel imported goods are goods imported to the country through non-regular import agents. All products are genuine.
Parallel import goods sold by CozmePark are imported by partner importers in Cambodia.


How to use:
Apply as below.

1. Take an appropriate amount and spread it uniformly to such an extent that the anxious parts such as horny / darkening etc. (around the nose, T zone, chin etc.) are hidden.

2. Wait approximately 15 to 20 minutes for the pack to dry.
Please peel off from the outside from the center when completely dry.

3. When peeling off the pack, please slowly gently remove it. Please note that it may damage your skin if it is forcibly peeled off. If the pack remains on your skin, rinse with water or lukewarm water.




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