Kose Moisture Mild White Cream


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-White Cream


A mild whitening cream with oriental herbs essence extracts & high purity of vitamic C derivatives for daily whitening performance.

1. Keratin Care Formula
– with the ‘keratin care formula’, it softens the superficial skin layer, and helps a quick penetration of beauty essence deep into the skin, and thus enhances the absorption.

2. High Purity of Vitamin C
– the high purity of vitamin C derivatives act as the effective ingredients, which quickly penetrates across the skin surface and deep to the skin,
and help depressing the formation of black pigement (melanin), leaves you an even skintone and increase your skin translucency.

3. Moisture Care
– it also contains moisture care ingredients like hyaluronic acid (HA) and collagen for skin nourishment

4. Long Lasting Performance
– like forming a thin layer protecting your skin against dryness for a long time.

5. No fragrance. No coloring. Non-alcohol. Suitable for Day & Night use.


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