PERI PERA cloud #1~#15


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-Lip Tint


A cross between two of Peripera’s most popular products, the Ink Velvet and the Airy Ink Velvet.

As light as a cloud in both texture and appearance, the Cloud Ink Velvet is a joy to wear.
With shea butter, sweet almond oil, and lotus extract, it lasts all day long while staying lightweight and moisturizing.


With its cute and functional packaging — one that you can easily slip into your makeup bag — and pigmented color, it’s truly the perfect lip product for your everyday look.


*This products is parallel import goods.
*Parallel imported goods are goods imported to the country through non-regular import agents. All products are genuine.
Parallel import goods sold by CozmePark are imported by partner importers in Cambodia.




24 1
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