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-Lip Tint


Give yourself an intense and attractive lip color.


Available in 3 shades


1.MoulineRouge Red
-can give you an eye catching, attractive and seductive kissable lips.
2.BeverlyHills Pink
-can give you an added charm and feminine touch that you can make you look cuter and innocent.
3.Bali Orange
-can give you a refreshing, vibrant and stylish finish look.


1.Can last for about 24 – Hour without smearing.
2.Adds sophistication to even the simplest look.
3.Moist lip tint made with Cacao seed butter and rosehip fruit oil which provides excellent moisture retention without any stretching of lip skin.
4.Feather – like Light Texture experience no stuffiness, crumpling or stickiness.


*This products is parallel import goods.
*Parallel imported goods are goods imported to the country through non-regular import agents. All products are genuine.
Parallel import goods sold by CozmePark are imported by partner importers in Cambodia.




29 1

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Coverst Longlasting Tint

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