SOME BY MI Rose Intensive Tone Up Cream


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Instead of purified water , ifactory tone up cream contains 70% of western rose water, excellent of whitening effect/ skin softening/ moisturizing , and vitamin B12 for wrinkle prevention/elasticity improvement/ soothing.


No artificial color and fragrance, instant whitening ,toning correction, no stickiness, natural tone up your skin color.

– For whitening and brightening skin
– Contains wrinkle-improvement and moisture soothing ingredients that help maintain a moist and white skin tone.
– Can be apply on the body as well.


*This products is parallel import goods.
*Parallel imported goods are goods imported to the country through non-regular import agents. All products are genuine.
Parallel import goods sold by CozmePark are imported by partner importers in Cambodia.


How to use:
-Apply small amount on face or body and tap it until it’s absorbed.




29 1
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