WONDER BATH Salon De tte (20pcs) – Apple


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-All-in-one cleansing pad


A premium all-in-one cleansing pad that creates smooth salon radiance
as if you peeled every day by effectively removing makeup residue, fine dust,
exceed sebum and dead skin cell provides the synergy effect of about 20 Tea and
seaweeds ingredients with its formula containing french seawater and a specialize scrubbing pad.


*This products is parallel import goods.
*Parallel imported goods are goods imported to the country through non-regular import agents. All products are genuine.
Parallel import goods sold by CozmePark are imported by partner importers in Cambodia.


How to use:
-Apply as below.
1. On dry face, spreading the softening formula from the soft white side all over.

2. Use circular motions to scrub your face with the white side to
remove dirt and dead skin cell.

3. Use the embossed apple mint side to rub on curved area such as nose and chin to
refine uneven skin texture.

4. Rinse your face with lukewarm water,
now you have a smooth and natural glow skin




32 1
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