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Thank you for visiting us and shopping on the site. By using CozmePark(‘the Service’), you (“User”) acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to our terms of service. Please read them carefully. If you don’t agree with these terms, we highly suggest you refrain from making purchases or making any transactions on this site.


  • CozmePark aims at Bring your inner beauty out, providing original Cosmetics & Beauty products as online shop in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
  • We’d like to achieve increasing the total amount of joy by expressing yourself with makeup.
  • For that purpose, we shall make an effort to improve a site which makes women’s authority and confidence to be risen with the concept below and that anyone can pursue beauty.
  • -Authentic
  • -Latest
  • -Selectable
  • -Cheep
  • -Safely
  • -Communicative

Modified Terms

  • The terms and conditions are not permanent and may be modified as necessary. It is the responsibility of the user to check back from time to time to review any changes.
  • Use of the Service by the User signifies that User accepts any changes or modified agreements. If User is not agreeable, he/she may not use the Service.


  • The Service is not available to Users suspended or removed from the system by the Service.


  • For certain areas of the Service to be accessible, the User must register as a member. In order to register, the User must agree to terms of service. Successful registration signifies acceptance of the terms and services of the Service by the User.
  • All information provided during registration must be true, complete and accurate. The Service has the right to suspend or terminate the account of any User whose information is proven to be untrue, incomplete and inaccurate, or is suspected to be untrue, incomplete and inaccurate.
  • It is the User’s responsibility to maintain confidentiality of his/her own account and the Service must be notified immediately if there is any unauthorized use of the User’s account.
  • Orders are considered completed when package is dispatched and a shipping acknowledgement email number is sent to the User.
  • If authorization for payment is unavailable, or item is out of stock, the Service reserves the right to not accept an order.


  • The User shall place an order for original Cosmetics & Beauty product with SNS or our system on our website.
  • Each item in the shopping cart may be purchased by another customer until the order is confirmed.
  • Once your transaction is processed and completed using online payment, you will receive an Order Acknowledgement email. This email indicates that the Service has received your order for processing.
  • The User shall pay for the original Cosmetics & Beauty product with online payment, or cash in the exact amount upon delivery (Cash-on Delivery). Online payment will be expanded sequentially. Until then it will be paid by Cash-on Delivery.
  • If the Service suspects account is fraudulent or item is out of stock, the Service reserves the right to decline an order request. Unprocessed orders will be terminated by the Service.
  • The Service aims to provide error-free and reliable information but does not guarantee 100% accuracy of information on original Cosmetics & Beauty product provided on the site.
  • The Service displays the colors of original Cosmetics & Beauty product as accurately as possible, however, we cannot guarantee the quality of the User’s computer monitor.


  • The Service tries to give the most accurate pricing information on the site but cannot guarantee being 100% error-free.
  • All prices stated on the site are exclusive of shipping fees.
  • For shipping costs, please refer to Shipping and Delivery.

Shipping and Delivery

  • Shipping Costs & Times is as below.
[In Phnom Penh]
  • Standard Shipping(Orders $40 and over):Free, 1-2 business day
  • Standard Shipping(Orders under $40):$1.5, 1-2 business day
[Except Phnom Penh]
  • Standard Shipping(Orders $40 and over):Free、2 business day
  • Standard Shipping(Orders under $40):$1.5~2.5(Depends on shipping place)、2 business day
  • We will attempt redelivery at least once per day for three consecutive days if the first delivery attempt failed. Deliveries will be done within 3 business days.
  • If all attempts fail, the order will be returned to our warehouse and will be awaiting your pick-up.
  • Sunday and Holidays are not included in the delivery date.
  • All orders placed before 12:00nn will arrive on the same day.
  • This service is currently available within Phnom Penh only.
  • Delivery time can not be specified.
  • Express Shipping can be selected if it is in Phnom Penh. *In future
  • When shipping to two or more places per order, shipping fee will be charged for each shipping destination.
  • If there is no stock, the arrival date may be delayed. In that case, the operator will contact you.

Return Policy

  • The conditions of returned and refund which are the basis of products to be shipped are as follows.
  • Please complete return / refund within 7 days after the item arrives.
  • Receipt or invoice is needed to submit for sure.
[Return or exchang due to customer convenience]
  • In case of unused and unopened: We shall refund the full price of the original Cosmetics & Beauty product.
  • In the case of already opened: We shall not refund.
  • We will not refund shipping fee and handling fee and wrapping fee.
  • If Packaging, tags and labels of original Cosmetics & Beauty product are removed, It is regarded as opened.
  • In case of used or remodel, we do not accept returned or exchanged due to customer convenience.
  • Original Cosmetics & Beauty product with a statement that it can not be returned the product on product page can not be returned.
[Return or exchange due to problems or troubles by us]
  • We will refund the full amount of goods price (tax included), shipping fee, handling fee and wrapping fee or refund same original Cosmetics & Beauty product.

Intellectual Property Rights

  • The Service owns all material and information on the site. This includes but is not limited to software, designs, images, photographs, text, graphics, illustrations, logos, patents, copyrights, trademarks, service marks, audio, video, music and all other intellectual property rights related thereto, including all code in the website.
  • Use of the Service’s Content for any purpose not expressly permitted by this Agreement is strictly prohibited.

Limitation of Liability

  • The Service is not liable for any direct, indirect, special, consequential, economic, exemplary, incidental, or punitive damages.
  • The Service’s liability to the User for direct damages for any claim related to any of the foregoing shall in no event exceed the amount which you have paid to the site in conjunction with the
  • Original Cosmetics & Beauty product under which such claim first arose.
  • The Service will not be liable for any breach or hindrance in its performance due to any cause beyond its control, including, but not limited to natural disasters, unavoidable accidents, riots, national emergencies and terrorism.

Agreement and Severability

  • These Terms and Conditions shall constitute the entire agreement between the User and the Service. Any invalidity of any provision of this agreement by a court of valid jurisdiction is separate from and shall not affect the validity of all other provisions of this agreement. Any provision of this agreement.
Last Updated: 7-July-2018
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